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ghadir have now Standardized on few models of seals which are illustrated. Seals are manufactured to suit ANSI and DIN standard pumps. We are now equipped with sufficient stock of spares which can be delivered ex-stock for all popular type of seals. Mechanical seals are stocked for every workshop and profession including bellows spring seal, tapered spring seal, wave spring seal, multi spring seals, parallel spring seals, Special seals, general seals and many others to suit for your requirement.

Ghadir stationeries -Type SRM

It is important to consider the application condition of the equipment, when selecting a stationary component. Generally O-Ring mounted stationary components, or cup mounted (boots) mounted seats are available in various materials to suit application requirements.




Seal stationary : Car/Sic/Tc
O-rings: nitrile,viton,epdm,PTFE



Seal stationary: Cer/Sic/Tc
O-rings: nitrile,viton,epdm,PTFE


  SRM 14





 Seal stationary : Car/Sic/Tc
O-rings: nitrile,viton,epdm,PTFE



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