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Compressor valves

In addition to its high-performance sealing parts for reciprocating compressors, CASTANET offer a complete range of valves for air and gas process compressors.

Thanks to our long experience in resolving valve service-life problems, we can provide technical support and improve the performance of your machines.


We supply :

New compressor valves that are perfectly interchangeable,

Internal replacement parts (thermoplastic or steel valve plates, damper plates, spring plates, springs, etc.),

Valve reconditioning services,

Technical studies to design complete new compressor valve assemblies based on your conditions of service,

Technical support to modify and optimize existing compressor valves,

Control systems for suction valves.



High-performance valves with reinforced polymer plates

We offer valves equipped with discs fabricated from high-performance polymers which can increase valve service life in spectacular fashion, as well as reduce compressor energy loss.

ADVANTAGES compared with steel plate valves

  • Excellent service life of valve plates and seats
  • Decrease in pressure drops, thus providing energy savings
  • Elimination of damper plates (a more economical solution).
  • Better behaviour with regard to liquids, condensates or possible gas pollution
  • Very good dimensional stability of polymer valve plate
  • Less risk of damaging the cylinder in the event of accidental breakage of valve plates
  • Lower noise level during operation
  • Better tightness seal
  • Ability to attain higher valve lifts
  • Reduction of impact on valve seat
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